EXIS - Information system for distrainers

Information system for distrainers EXIS is an application dedicated to distrainment office clerks. It is used for registration of acts carried out during enforcement proceedings under the Act no. 233/1995 (Execution Act).

EXIS provides following main functionality: 

Electronic distraint proceedings files

It provides support for the complete management of distraint proceeding files electronically. Electronic files allow quick access to the documents in the distraint proceedings and execution of distraint operations without having to work with a real (paper) files.

Unified subject registry

Implementation of a unified registry of subjects participating in distraints lowers the risk of subject duplication in the system.

Documents and templates

Provides support for new document types and templates creation on top of the standard documents package delivered with the application.

Distraint mail registry

Application connects registry of incoming and outgoing mails with distraints registry. This interconnection allows automated distraint data generation based on mail registration event and vice versa (periods, cash expenses ...).

Automated distraint calculations

Automates repeating calculations using preset rules (distrainer’s remuneration calculations, continuous calculation of partial interest in the proceedings, proposed distribution of amounts recovered).

Distraint payment due dates monitoring

Generates selected distraint payment due dates. It lowers the risk of failure to comply with distainer’s legal procedures deadlines.

Real estate screening in the Land Register portal

The system simplifies obtaining of data about the debtor. It allows background automatic property screening in the Land Register without the need of user interference or application running. Automatically processes property lists and inserts them into the database.

Debtor cars screening

EXIS provides automatic support of car screening in the Police registry and ability to prevent the owner from managing his property.

Bank accounts screening

Screening of bank accounts allows simple bank account checks in all cooperating banks (more than 20 banks in the Slovak Republic).

Social insurance screening

Population register interface

Central Distraint Registry interface

Health insurance company Dôvera interface

IS EXIS demo version is accessible through remote access to virtual EXIS server. Current application version is available. Access to the application is time-limited. Functionality for administrators is disabled hence lists, document templates and real estate screening are unavailable.

If you are interested in EXIS demo trial, please contact us. We will send you further information and credentials needed.


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