Your project management support tool

management – planning and management of work on projects and operation support, bonus payment management and payroll documentation preparation

project office – creating outputs for customers and payroll

employees – recording of actually performed activites on projects and operation support, indicating of foreseen tasks and payroll items reviews

Project and operation support management

  • Contract management (date of signature, validity, type)
  • Project management (manager, contract deadline and price, bonuses, link to the contract, budget)
  • Tasks management (owner, type, status, link to the project)
  • Activities list (activity type, time, note)
  • Ongoing tasks status (% done, note)
  • Operation support activities list (request, activity type, time, activity description)
  • Issues management (component, responsible, deadlines, status, statement, annexes)

Planning support

  • Foreseen activities and tasks (possible start, estimated work and time)
  • Work planning (period, priority, deadline, reserved work)
  • Plan to actual work done evaluation

Payroll support

  • Organizational hierarchy, employees and payroll structure (base salary, bonuses)
  • Project and operation support bonuses management
  • Bonus packages remuneration (owner, amount)
  • Bonus calculation and allocation (manual or automated based on formulas)
  • Payroll preparation documentation printing
  • Own and subordinate staff salary review

Other features

  • Roles and permissions management, data displayed based on permissions granted
  • Report exports
  • User based configuration parameters
  • Can be installed on your server or on our infrastructure

Possible future improvements and addons

  • Custom installation
  • Operation support
  • Regular backups
  • Web interface
  • Different languages
  • Archive
  • Change request management
  • Employees task assignment management
  • Subcontractor management


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