About us

We employ highly qualified IT experts - project managers, analysts, programmers, database specialists, system engineers and quality assurance. Our main domain is design and development of complex information systems. For our customers we provide high quality services starting from requirements analysis through design, development and testing to information systems operation deployment.

We have continually developed Tax information system since 1994 for the Financial directorate of the Slovak Republic. It is one of the most important information systems developed for the government and the biggest software application in the Slovak Republic as well. The system changed its name from APV DIS (1994-2011) and IS RDS (2012-2014) to RO RDS (since 2014). For the Financial directorate we have also developed systems VIES - VAT information exchange system between EU member countries, VREF - VAT refund support system within EU teritory and KRUZ - Financial Statement registry.

Another information system in our portfolio is IS for Distrainers. We have developed and operated it since 2010. It is a complex information system facilitating Distrainment office activities. It is integrated with other information systems such as Land Register, Central Distraint Registry, Health Insurance company Dôvera, banks ...
During the development we use and as well provide our own configurable project management tool called NTPro. It facilitates projects and tasks registration and maintainace, activities planning and reporting, supports salary and bonuses calculation and other relevant actions.


Novitech Tax, s.r.o.
Moyzesova 58,
040 01 Košice
  +421/55 3274 234



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